Docking@Home Screensaver

The Docking@Home screensaver and graphical application serve as a visual confirmation of the volunteer's contribution to the science behind Docking@Home. Volunteers can view and manipulate 3D representations of the protein and ligand structures. These structures can be viewed separately as well as in their current docking configuration with respect to the computation being performed. Several visualization styles are also provided to aid in visualizing the physical structure of the molecules. Several metrics related to the computation are available to the volunteers so that they may monitor the jobʼs progress.

The Docking@Home graphical application and screensaver was developed by Robert Keller and Kevin Kreiser under the mentorship of Dr. Michela Taufer at the University of Delaware. The application is written in OpenGL and is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Through careful planning and discussion, the development team at Docking@Home decided that an informative interactive graphical application would be well suited to achieving our goals of educating our volunteers about the docking procedure.

The code can be adapted to any volunteer computing project powered by BOINC that studies molecular system interaction.

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Figure 1: The graphical application launched from the BOINC client Screenshot