Michela Taufer
David and Beverly J.C. Mills
Career Development Chair
Computer and Information Sciences
Biomedical Engineering

University of Delaware
Dept. of Computer and
Information Sciences
101 Smith Hall
Newark, DE, 19716

Phone: 302-831-0071
Fax: 302-831-8458
E-Mail: taufer at acm.org

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Michela Taufer

Ph.D. ETH Zurich, 2002

Biographical Sketch

Michela Taufer joined the University of Delaware in 2007 where she was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2012. She earned her MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Padova and her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). She was a post-doctoral research supported by the La Jolla Interfaces in Science Training Program (also called LJIS) at UC San Diego and The Scripps Research Institute. Before she joined the University of Delaware, Michela was faculty in Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Michela has a long history of interdisciplinary work with high-profile computational biophysics groups in several research and academic institutions. Her research interests include software applications and their advance programmability in heterogeneous computing (i.e., multi-core platforms and GPUs); cloud computing and volunteer computing; and performance analysis, modeling and optimization of multi-scale applications. She has been serving as the principal investigator of several NSF collaborative projects. She also has significant experience in mentoring a diverse population of students on interdisciplinary research. Michela's training expertise includes efforts to spread high-performance computing participation in undergraduate education and research as well as efforts to increase the interest and participation of diverse populations in interdisciplinary studies.

Michela has served on numerous IEEE program committees (SC and IPDPS among others) and has reviewed for most of the leading journals in parallel computing.

You can find more about Michela's research-, education-, and service activities in her long vitae (pdf format).