First East Coast BOINC Meeting

Title: Emulating BOINC Applications with EmBA

Speaker: Trilce Estrada
University of Delaware

Friday, August 31, 2008
11:00 AM
University of Delaware, Gore Hall room 115


The Volunteer Computing (VC) community consists of volunteers that donate computer and storage resources to scientific projects, and scientists who use these resources for large-scale simulations. Volunteers expect that their processor cycles are not wasted, while scientists expect to receive reliable results.

In the past six years, BOINC has become a very popular middleware for volunteer computing and today it supports more than 52 active volunteer computing projects, many of which host 2 to 7 active applications. Every project and its applications have different needs in terms of work generation, work distribution, and work validation. In order to investigate new and better ways to generate, distribute, and validate work, project designers and administrators need to study and quantify projects as well as application performance in a short time, without negatively affecting volunteers in the BOINC community. Although tuning BOINC projects is not possible on in-production BOINC systems, this is feasible in simulated environments. To address this challenge, we designed and implemented EmBA. EmBA (Emulator of BOINC Applications) is a trace-driven, discrete event emulator that models a wide range of worker communities and emulates the interaction of these workers on a real BOINC server. EmBA supports different applications running together and partially or completely sharing their worker community. As it occurs in reality, every application can have different levels of sensitivity to errors as well as different work generation trends and work validation criteria.

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