Our Mission

The Global Computing Lab (GCLab), headed by Dr. Michela Taufer, focuses on various aspects of high performance computing (HPC) and its application to the sciences. We are engaged in the design and testing of efficient computational algorithms and adaptive scheduling policies for scientific computing on GPUs, cloud computing, and volunteer computing. Interdisciplinary research with scientists and engineers in fields such as chemistry and chemical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, seismology, and mathematics is at the core of our activities and philosophy.

Featured Projects:

D@HExSciTecH - a set of chemistry study tools designed to help students learn about and understand chemical structures

D@HQCN Explorer - the simulator of the Quake Catcher Network, a volunteer computing project out of Stanford University

Fetured Software:

GCLab SoftwareFEN ZI (yun dong de FEN ZI = Moving MOLECULES) is a CUDA code that enables large-scale, GPU-based MD simulations